Editing Services

Are weekends and holidays included in the duration time-frame?

Yes! Weekends and holidays are inclusive in the specified duration. For instance, if your due date is 2-5 days (Express for Premium Service) and you've submitted your paper on Friday, your paper will be ready any time from Sunday to Wednesday.

Please note that once you submit your paper for a quote, a more definitive due date will be provided. Because we treat all submissions with careful attention and we strive to provide a certain approach to our editing process, we need to assess each manuscript to determine the exact time-frame for completion. Given the duration you choose, it is guaranteed to have your paper returned to you by the maximum limit (i.e. if you chose a duration of 2-5 days, then you are guaranteed to have your paper back in 5 days, the latest).

Can I communicate with the editor directly?

Yes! The benefit of Emendology is that you can communicate directly with our editors (emendologists). Your communication portal will be through E-Mail. Once you submit your paper, you will be contacted by the emendologist in charge of your paper. Given some service tiers, this direct communication is a mandatory part of the process to ensure your intentions are being maintained. For further information regarding this matter, please direct your inquiry to consultation@emendology.com.

Do you guarantee that I will be published after having my paper undergo one of your services?

Publication is a subjective process, dependent on many factors. However, emendologists strive to make sure that the first-impression of your manuscript, particularly with regard to English-language presentation, stands out and free of any language-related problems. We are confident that if you utilize any of our services, English language will not be your reason for rejection. However, we guarantee that if your paper is rejected solely for language issues, your paper will be re-edited free of charge.

Submission Process

What file extensions should I upload?

We ask that you upload the following file extensions: .doc, .docx, .pages, and .pdf

How do I determine the (estimated) word count?

For the purpose of editing at Emendology, total word count includes any content that you want us to proofread and edit. This, for the sake of an entire manuscript, is from the abstract up until the reference (not including the reference). To your benefit, total word count does not include the cover page, figures, tables (including descriptions for each) and reference. Once you upload your manuscript, we will confirm the estimated word count and determine the correct payment amount, which will be reflected on your invoice with the total word count.

What is included in the total word count?

The total word count only includes written content you want us to proofread and edit. Your reference, tables, and/or figures, along with its descriptions are not included in the total word count.

How do I know if my paper has been submitted properly?

Once your paper is submitted properly, you will receive an email confirming your submission. Another confirmation email will be sent once your manuscript has been successfully processed (received and reviewed by one of our emendologists, and confirmed by our chief emendologist). Also, plese take into account the time difference between your location and our New York/Boston offices.

What if I want you to only edit parts of my paper?

In order to comprehensivley edit your paper, it is best to include all sections of the paper for us to reference. If there are sections you do not want edited, then please underline them.

Payment Process

Is payment processing safe to use?


Is there another method of payment?

Yes! You many choose to use wire transfers. Consult with your point of contact to have this arranged.