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Please find below the "general" description of our different service tiers.  Please note that our Prestige Service is the most customizable editing service, offering full control of the entire editing process.  If you're interested in this particular service, it is recommended that you contact us immediately for a consultation.  You can reach this free consultation here, or you can email us at:

Emendology Services.  Click on the image to enlarge.  Contact us for detailed information regarding each service and how we can help you.

In the above chart, please note that each "Proofread with revision" stage is another round of editing by a chief emendologist.  The advantage of Emendology being a smaller boutique-style service provider is the amount of care and attention that we allocate to each paper.   



Please select your region to see prices specific to your region/country.  Please note that "Other" is for those that are not yet on the list of countries/currencies that we support within the integrated payment processing system.  For these locations, you may use USD (United States Dollars) via our integrated payment processing or Paypal.

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