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Welcome To Emendology!

Emendologists are here for your manuscript publication.


Manuscript editing should be treated with every bit of respect as any other field of science.  There needs to be a scientific approach to editing.  Although it is an art, it deserves close attention and careful scientific approach.  

At Emendology, we are redefining the editing process and service.  We are truly putting the '-ology' to the art of emending.  

We believe that every one of you should have the opportunity for an impeccable first-impression with your submission.  A great idea for research and flawless execution of that research proposal and data analyses are all important aspects to research.  However, research involves knowledge-addition to the already existing literature.  It is an ongoing communication with fellow scholars and investigators.  It needs to be communicative, coherent, and intelligible.  No great idea is valuable in any field of research if it cannot be communicated with others in that field.  Research is about collective effort and building on already-existing knowledge.  Hence, manuscript production may perhaps be the most important aspect to research.

We, here at Emendology, are very much aware of your needs.  We are fellow scholars.  We know what you want out of an editing service.  Therefore, we are here to provide you with a luxurious and never-forgetting experience.  We are here to make you successful in your next publication.  We are at your disposal.  


Why Emendology?

Luxurious and Elite Editing Service,

At Emendology, we are redefining the editing process and service.  We are truly putting the science , '-ology' to the art of 'emending'.  We prioritize your experience above anything else, except the quality of our editing process, which undergo a strict guideline.  Our focus on providing luxurious and exclusive services is branding Emendology to be a unique and elite editing boutique.  

Find out more on how you'll be a step closer to getting your hard-work published with Emendology!  

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How is Emendology Different?

Personalized and Customized Experience to Editing

At Emendology, we stress personalization and customization.  You are in full control of every step of the editing process.  We are confident to say that this is unlike any other editing service you've experienced before.  That's an advantage of Emendology being a smaller boutique-style editing house.   

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