Emend: verb. make corrections or improvements

ology: noun. a field of study (branch of knowledge)

Emend + ology : a boutique dedicated to incorporating a methodological process to editing. Emendology focuses on not only providing quality editing services, but also strives to make editing a field of study. Editing, like any other field of study, should be treated with a distinct scientific methodology. This is how Emendology differs. It brings quality service because of our foundational focus and philosophy. Quality is born from our dedication to a systematic process-- it is a byproduct as a result of pursuing to make editing like any other field of science.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our existence is to help you succeed in getting your research manuscript published.  We are here to help you in every step of the way.  Please consult with our consultants and emendologists on how we can help you!  Click here.  Or E-Mail us at: consultation@emendology.com.

Our Priority

Our priority is your experience.  We focus on your needs and can make your experience as customizable as you want it to be!  An editing service that maximizes your involvement in every step of the process.  This is imperative in maintaining your intention and upholding the integrity of the edited version of your manuscript.  

Our Methodology

Our methodology is unique.  It is specific to each individual.  We know how to prepare your manuscript for publication.  As we've done our research, we know the reasons why Journal Editors reject papers.  We have an approximate percentage to each reason and we are here with our expert knowledge to help you get your paper published.  

To get detailed information on how you can benefit and how we can cater to your specific needs, contact us at consultation@emendology.com. Or Click here to contact us.

In brief, each paper undergoes a stringent systematic editing process.  Highest quality is guaranteed.  Depending on which tier you choose, you have varying degrees of involvement and customization available.  For more information regarding different tiers, please click here.  However, even the most basic tier undergoes two rounds of editing, which all occurs after an initial round of proofreading with detailed consultation. (Please note a total of 3 rounds of editing; initial proofreading + 2 rounds of editing thereafter)

Emendological Process

Thank You For Your Interest In Having Emendology Be Your Partner!

To get started with Emendology, you must first be a registered member with a unique Emendology ID.  If you are not yet a registered member, please register here.

Once you're a registered member with a unique Emendology ID, then you are ready to upload your paper and be on your way to publication.  To do this, visit the Get Started page, or click here, for further instructions.

  1. Consultation.  It may be best to consult with us first in order to determine which service best suits your needs.  Please click here to begin your consultation, or email us at: consultation@emendology.com
  2. Selecting your region.  Click on your Region (which can also be found on the homepage).  This is to allow you to make payments in your own (local) currency.  If you're in a location not specified, you can still make payments with credit cards and debit cards in USD.  In addition, you have an option to make payments with Paypal, if your region allows.  Emendology is growing fast and will be expanding to your country for your convenience with this integrated payment system.  For more information on payment options and making payments, please visit the page dedicated for your region.
  • Americas [currency accepted: USD, CAD]
  • Asia [currency accepted: KRW, JPY, CNY]
  • Europe [currency accepted: EUR, GBP]
  • Other [currency accepted: USD]
  1. Uploading your paper.  Follow the instructions on your Region page.  This upload is required for a quote.  Quote is used to determine your exact needs, feasibility, and the exact amount of payment for your services.
  2. Quote.  Once you've uploaded your paper, you will receive a quote and an invoice within 2 hours via E-Mail.  
  3. Payment.  Once you've received your quote, please make your payment online.  Please note that the duration of your service (i.e. express 2-5 days or standard 7-10 days) begins once we confirm that a payment has been made.  
  4. Editing Service.  Editing service will begin.  For a more detailed information regarding editing service, please visit here.  Please note that depending on your editing service, there may be multiple correspondence between you and our emendologist until the completion of your paper.
  5. Edited manuscript return.