Payment Processing


Thank you for your decision to utilize Emendology as your editing partner!  We are thrilled to be at your service.  

Our payment processing is a secure method of payment, accepting local currencies to the regions listed below.  If you're in an area where your local currency is not listed below, please utilize the "Other" section and you can continue with your payment in USD (United States Dollar).   We are expanding fast and will be accepting your local currency in a short while.  

The payment processing system is secure.  It utilizes SSL protocol, adding a protective layer of security, resulting in hypertext transfer protocol secure (https) as a method of communication over a computer network.  The information you enter in the pop-up window is a positive SSL secure website.  

In the event that you feel uncomfortable with online payment processing, please feel free to explore our other methods of payment on your regional webpage.  Or for further assistance with payment and methods, direct your query to: